Saturday, October 13, 2007

JAY-Z on Kanye's "Big Brother"..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Jay-Z: I think it was brilliant, for one. Roc-A-Fella is tough love. His feelings are very understandable, because it’s tough love…nothing is given. There’s no free rides – none of that s**t. You gotta earn your way. You fail, you better get up so you can feel that. Those type of emotions [Kanye relayed]…for him to come out and say it, it actually brought us closer. [It was like] his true emotions. Everything on the song was true – it was true in his mind. That’s what made it great, because it was honestly how [Kanye] felt. We know everybody sees things differently. If I told you something like, “Carleen said I could buy two tickets,” you would think he didn’t get any tickets. He got four [tickets]. He wanted six. Its true, but…its really true. He wanted two more tickets, but if you heard that you’d be like, “Damn, them n***as ain’t give the n***a no tickets.” [room laughs] Come on! And [with] Coldplay – I introduced him! I gave him the number. I made the song happen. I did that. Like, [mimicking a phone call] “Coldplay, here’s Kanye. Here. [passing phone to imaginary Kanye]” Its great though, because its his truth. That’s what’s brilliant about him. It wasn’t no bulls**t – it was the way he felt.

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