Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Underground Artist Of The Month (2)

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This MC was born and raised in Brooklyn as well and is influenced by MC's like...
Nas: Because of "His ability to lyrically assault beats,
while giving vivid details with his story telling."
Fifty Cent: Because of "His ability to make your head bop,
while giving you an unbelievable rush."
Old School favorites include...
Kool G Rap: "The Original Fifty to me and he still gets it in."
Big Daddy Kane: "The Raw album is my favorite of all time."
Lord Finesse: "The original funky man! Nuff said!"
Motivation: "My family and spiritual beliefs are what fuel my hunger. I do not fear failure,
I realize that there is strength in weakness for those who seek it.
The loss of my mother at an early age provided me the strength to overcome
many obstacles."
These two MC's are what Hip Hop has been waiting for. In an industry where artists have forgotten the reason for why hip hop was created, these two talented MC's will not only make you think but, will also put everyone in neck braces.

Evolution never ends and Hip Hop is always Evolving!

Here They Come!
Check out their music at...


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool name. Maybe there is hope for hip hop after all!

Zoe said...

Keep up the good work.